Harvard Directories

What information is included?

This directory includes voting members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (Assistant, Associate and Full Professors as well as some others). At this time it does not include Lecturers, Researchers, Visiting Faculty, etc. The information has been filtered according to faculty preferences based on three statuses:

The list of courses taught includes those listed by the FAS Registrar within the last 5 years.

How do I change my Information?

Faculty included in the directory may update their own research information using the Update My Directory Information link on the search page. From there, there is also a link to update information such as addresses and photo. Information such as name and titles must be handled through your department administrator.


For questions, suggestions or concerns about the features or policies of this directory please contact the office of the Secretary of the Faculty secfas@fas.harvard.edu. For an questions or concerns with the functioning of the site please contact helpdesk@fas.harvard.edu or call 617 496-2727. The application was written by the FAS Computer Services, Administrative Computing group.